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Urpa i Musell

The record label Urpa i musell feels very fortunate to announce its third release (UiM 003) after a long period of fertile collaboration with the film production company Andergraun Films: the 4-LP Box Set Les músiques per a Albert Serra by the inscrutable band Molforts.

Moforts are: Marc Verdaguer, Ferran Font, Enric Juncà, Joe Robinson, Xavier Gratacós i Mike Landscape.

The box set puts together the main musical works that the band created between 2006 and 2018 for the catalan film director Albert Serra. It includes the soundtracks for three films — Honor de cavalleria / Honour of the Knights (2006), Història de la meva mort / Story of My Death (2013) and La mort de Louis XIV / Last Days of Louis XIV (2016) —, two art pieces — Cubalibre (2012, Documenta, Kassel) and Singularity (2015, Biennale di Venezia) — and the recent play Liberté (2018, Volksbühne, Berlin).