Afternoons of Solitude

Afternoons of Solitude intends to be the first feature-length film to approach the aesthetic side of bullfighting in all its complexity, and to do so with the expression and the artistic and conceptual sophistication of the director Albert Serra. It also intends to handle this subject from the perspective of the bullfighter, as someone that takes on the risk of facing the bull as a personal duty; partly out of respect for a tradition, but above all as an aesthetic challenge to create a form of ephemeral beauty that arises from the material and violent encounter between the calm rationality of the human being and the brutality of a wild and barbaric animal. What sort of ideal can lead a man to pursue this risky and unnecessary clash? What form of spirituality places this struggle above all other worldly possessions in life to the point of risking it time and time again? 

The feature film will attempt to answer these questions through the portrayal of a select few young bullfighters active today, distinguished defenders of the most incorruptible commitment and personal integrity: Andrés Roca Rey, Pablo Aguado and Juan Léal, their figures surrounded by a mysterious aura and already the object of impassioned worship. It will be based on two crucial moments in any bullfighter’s experience: the uncontrolled passion in the moment vocation appears and in the codified, almost sacred ritual of the great bullfights; placing special emphasis on the moments running up to the fight, where we will explore the men’s psychological and moral complexity, made up of a mixture of fear, anguish and their innate sacrificial tendency. 


Lenght: 120 minuts / Year: 2023 / OV: Castellana / Cast: Andrés Roca Rey, Pablo Aguado / Executive producer: Luís Ferrón, Montse Triola, Pierre-Olivier Bardet / Director: Albert Serra / Image: Artur Tort / Sound: Jordi Ribas