IN PREPRODUCTION - Beatrice, the Wife

Historical drama in black and white


We follow the life of Beatrice Barbosa de Magallanes in contrast to the voyage of Ferdinand Magellan, her husband. Beatrice fights for her survival and that of her children, while the navigator tries to carry out an impossible maritime expedition.

Beatrice will die young, in a world too old for her.



with the suport of: ICEC Institut Català de les Empreses Culturals, ICA Fonds Franco-Portugais, Fundo de Apoio ao Turismo e ao Cinema


Year: 2024 / OV: Spanish and Portuguese / Producer: Andergraun Films (Spain), Rosa Filmes (Portugal) Epicmedia Productions (Filipinas) / Executive producer: Montse Triola / Director: Lav Díaz / Script: Lav Díaz /