The names of Christ

Episodic film, divided into 14 chapters, based on the play De los nombres de Cristo (1586), by Fray Luis de Leon and intended for exhibition Are You Ready for TV ?. Filmed partly in the rooms of MACBA (Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona), is about the difficulty of naming or visually represent abstract concepts.


Lenght: 193 minuts / Year: 2010 / OV: Català / Format: HD, COLOR, 1:85 / Cast: Román Bayarri, Nanu Ferrari, Jordi Pau, Montse Triola, Victòria Aragonés, Gerard Teixidor, Lluís Carbó, Lluís Serrat, Albert Serra / Executive producer: Montse Triola / Director: Albert Serra / Script: Albert Serra / Image: Jimmy Gimferrer, Angel Martín / Editing: Angel Martín / Sound: Jordi Ribas, Gerard Tàrrega


Locarno International Film Festival 2011

Chapter 1
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