Afterwater is a three-part film spanning fiction, documentary and experimental film aiming to study and compare lakes across the world and their hidden treasures: submerged settlements (real and imaginary), failed utopias and collective dreams, the remains of past eras and the seeds of a hopeful future.


Lenght: 60' / Year: 2019 / Cast: Clàudia Robert, Gorka Martin, Ton Gras, Jonasz Hapka, Signe Westberg, Boban Kaludjer, Rose-Anabel Beermann, Alice Heyward, Rose-Anabel Beermann, Ali / Producer: Flaneur Films, Andergraun Films, Jeonju Cinema Project, Dart Films / Executive producer: Zsuzsanna Kiraly, Montse Triola / Director: Dane Komljen / Script: Dane Komljen, James Lattimer / Image: Jenny Lou Ziegel / Sound: Jordi Ribas


Jeonju Cinema Project 2018 - Special MentionFIDLab 2018 - Kodak and Silverway AwardMedienboard Experimental Fund